Hi! I'm Kyle Jennings

I'm a web engineer at the Economic Policy Institute, in Washington DC.

some of my projects

Workouts Weekly

Daily interactive HIIT workouts with new schedules every week built with Vue.js

WordPress USDS

Benjamin, Franklin

508 Accessible WordPress theme and it's companion plugin built with the U.S. Web Design standards and freedom.

food trucks

StreetEats DC

Food truck tracking in Washington DC. WordPress as MVC using my Tidy Templates plugin, plus Google Maps, Geo Location, Vanilla JS, and the Twitter API.

the DC metro sucks

How F*cked Is The Metro?

Real-time train updates for the DC Area metro system. Vue.js, PHP, WMATA API, countless hours lost to train delays

a small WordPress site

Ghostprint Gallery

Art gallery and tattoo studio. WordPress, Google Forms, and one rainy weekend.

modern WordPress development

Tidy Templates

WordPress plugin to move/organize template filess, and adds template views to mimic MVC methodologies.

the end

This site

Good 'ol fasion HTML, CSS, and JS.

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